Jupiter Jack - Be Safe on a Cell Phone

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Stay Safe with Jupiter Jack

Hands-free driving is safer driving and there is now a product that helps you achieve that goal. Jupiter Jack turns your car radio into a hands free device that will work with any cell phone on any car FM radio receiver. It’s easy, too! All you have to do is plug the Jupiter Jack into your cell phone’s headphone jack, turn your car radio to 99.3 FM, and start talking. There was never really any excuse for holding a cell phone to your ear while driving, and with the introduction of JupiterJack that lets you talk hands free that is doubly true.



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Jupiter Jack is Simple to Install

You don’t have to be a car audio guru to use Jupiter Jack. There is a simple three-step procedure to get you on your way. Step one: Plug Jupiter Jack into any cell phone and mount it on the dash. Step two: Tune your car radio to 99.3 FM. Step three: Start driving and talking on your cell phone, secure in the knowledge you are not endangering yourself or others. There are no wires or plugs, just quality sound through the speakers of your car.


Cell Phone Laws Are Getting Tough!

Cities, states, and the federal government are turning their attention to cell phone-use by drivers. Alarming new studies indicate that accidental deaths caused by cell phone distractions outnumber even those linked to DWI. Lawmakers at all levels are beginning to look at severe penalties for cell phone use while driving. Jupiter Jack obviously enters the market at a most appropriate time. Legal or not, it makes sense to protect yourself and others on the highway. You can get JupiterJack for just $10 plus $6.99 shipping and handling, and you will also get the bonus Jupiter Jack dash mount for just the separate $6.99 S&H price.